Xiaomi Mi 12 Chinese manufacturer wants to ignite turbocharging

Xiaomi is currently riding a real wave of success. With the Mix 4, the Chinese company recently launched a new smartphone. But now the Xiaomi Mi 12 is the next model to eclipse everything.

Xiaomi Mi 12 should be a real performance monster
The fastest processor currently available in Android smartphones is Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 888 Plus. this is being used in more and more devices, including the Mix 4. however, the processor won’t stay on top for long. The Snapdragon 898 should already be installed in the Xiaomi Mi 12, which is expected to launch in December. Not only should this be able to be 20% faster than the Snapdragon 888 Plus, but also more efficient at the same time. 4nm production should also solve the chip’s heat dissipation issues.
Apart from the processor, the Xiaomi Mi 12 should also be state-of-the-art in terms of technology. The display is said to support a variable refresh rate working between 1 and 120 Hz, similar to what Samsung has. This should increase the runtime as the software can always set the exact refresh rate required for the respective purpose. For this, the software must also be perfectly optimized. Otherwise, the phone should be able to charge very quickly. Up to 120 watts is under discussion.

Author: Pterodactyl
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